Ashleigh Qiann has in average at least 200 students per year age ranged 3 to 50 being guided under her wings. Throughout her 8 years of teaching experience, she has conducted classes internally in the studios and externally at childcare centres, MOE schools, tertiary institutes and corporate sectors. She is known for her ability to deeply connect with her students by adding value into their lives beyond dance. She also has a special touch with teaching children. 

At a tender age of 3, she started with Ballet as the foundation and never stopped dancing since. In year 2010, her self-trained KPOP dance crew – SWAGirls started competing actively and eventually achieved recognitions through championships / top 3 placements. In year 2013, she was recruited as a KPOP dance instructor, by director Jacky Lim.
Being a strong believer that even when one becomes a teacher, learning continues – her hunger to grow as a dancer has led her to expanding into Street Dance such as Hip Hop, Dancehall, Street Jazz, and Waacking; primarily influenced by her teachers such as Sean Goh, Keisha Srinivasan, Ryezal Rahim, Orange Seah and Lum Lum. In her recent years, she continued to be active in competitions as a choreographer / trainer / dancer and had promising achievements. Now, she trains a handful of new generation homegrown apprentice instructors.
Top 3 Achievements (Personal):
1. UPGRADE DC 2019 Mega Div (AUS) – 5th Place, 2019
2. UPGRADE DC 2019 Mega Div (SG) – 2nd Place, 2019 
3. Pulse! Streetdance, 2014 – Best Dance Award
Top 3 Achievements (In Coaching):
1. Champion – ASHplicit (DTS Finals 2019)

2. 1st Runner Up – NANOS (Hip Hop Jr. PULSE! Street Dance 2019)

3. Champion – YLT (PULSE! Street Dance 2017)


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