Aye Mon


Aye Mon started her dance journey in The Dance Family and Raffles Street Dance when she was 17. She went on to expand her Hip-Hop repertoire with the NUS d’Hoppers Dance Crew, and also trained in various genres such as dancehall and funk styles. She has choreographed for several recitals and competitions, performed at numerous commercial shows, and emerged as a finalist in local and global competitions. Beyond teaching dance classes, she also trains the DF Entertainment junior crew. Aye Mon continuously strives to better herself, and aspires to share the joy of dance with many others.

Top 3 achievements:

1. Upgrade DC 2019 Global Open Category Top 5 (DFE)

2. S24 2017 Open Category Finalist (NUS DDC)

3. Pulse 2016 K-Pop Open Category Finalist