Cravis started dancing when he was in Secondary 1; when his school introduced a Dance Educational Program into their weekly timetables. He became interested in B-boying, and started practicing with a group of classmates during recess and after school every day. As Cravis started taking this art form more seriously, he went out of his way to connect and learn from other B-boys. In 2009 he joined Pre Skool Funk where his b-boy journey was taken to the next level. Besides competing, Cravis also believes very strongly in sharing and exchanging knowledge of the Hip-Hop culture with others. In 2013 he organized a cypher jam (PRE SKOOL GET DOWN VOL 1) to bring B-boys together, and to provide them with the opportunity to have fun and cypher.


1) R16 Singapore 2013 – Winner

2) Singapore Best Dance Crew 2013 –Winner and Best B-Boy

3) The Final Throwdown 2013 – Top Cypher Cats Award


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