Jaydon started dancing at age 7, as a Chinese Dancer in his primary school and like any other teens, he developed much interest in K-Pop, which drove him to join and be a part of Temasek Polytechnic Dance Ensemble (TPDE) where he focuses mainly on Hip Hop, Street Jazz and K-Pop. He is part of a renowned dance crew in Singapore, Limited Edition SG.

Throughout the years, Jaydon has participated in numerous performances, productions and competitions inside and outside of schools, not forgetting choreographing for many occasions like TPDE Annual Production, GEM 12 and NUS Dance Uncensored 2019, for KEVII Hall.

Jaydon strongly believes in using his knowledges and experiences learnt over the years to help and give back to the community. To share and inspire people to dance, just like how he was, by others since young.


1) Teenage KPOP Dance Battle 2014 (Open Category) – Champions under TPYG

2) Teenage KPOP Dance Battle 2015 (Open Category) – First Runner Up under J2BIT

3) T-Net Pulse! Street Dance 2018 (K-Pop Category) – Second Runner Up under C.OA

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