Zhen Yi

Zhen Yi


Zhen Yi started dancing at the age of 9 in her primary school’s Chinese Dance CCA. At 16, she started Hip Hop at DF under Jacky Lim and Keisha. She is also currently an active member of NUS Dance Blast. Zhen Yi has participated in many performances such as for Women’s Tennis Association in 2016 and also in competitions such as Super24. With countless performances and participations in productions under her belt, Zhen Yi not new to the stage. Zhen Yi believes in being a versatile dancer who is willing to try and learn new styles. Despite having more of an Urban/ L.A. flavour, she often takes Street Jazz and Hip Hop classes to constantly improve herself. 

Top 3 Achievements

1) Represented club in Super24 2016

2) Best dancer at September 2015 DFO

3) Countless performances and productions

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