Zi Xin first ventured into dancing by joining her primary school’s International Dance, and subsequently Chinese Dance in her secondary school years. While in Hwa Chong Institution, she became a member of MAD Street Division, expanding into other genres such as Hip Hop and Street Jazz. Throughout the years in her CCAs, she has represented the schools in many performances and competitions, earning significant achievements.

Zi Xin has been taking official dance classes at DF Academy under Sean since 2016 and has entered DF Entertainment in 2017 to further pursue her interest in dance. During her journey under Sean’s mentorship, she has also earned multiple awards under her belt in both local and international competitions.

Zi Xin strongly believes that having a good attitude towards learning is the most important thing in becoming a good dancer.

Top 3 Achievements:

1. Pulse Kpop Junior 2017 Champion

2. World Of Dance Hong Kong 2019 Finalist

3. World Supremacy Battlegrounds Singapore 2019 Finalist