About Us

DF (Dance Family) Academy is a prestigious Hip Hop & K-Pop Performing Dance school in the heartlands of Singapore. With close to a thousand students (age ranging from five to 50 years old), about a hundred classes are conducted on a weekly basis at our various studios, schools and childcare centers. DF Academy also conducts regular corporate classes, DnD training and periodic dance workshops for government and private entities.

Classes at DF Academy are conducted by proficient instructors who had won dance competitions both locally and overseas, and performed in numerous concerts and big corporate events. Not only are the instructors accomplished and renowned in their respective specialties, they share the school’s vision that everyone and anyone can become a dancer, and are dedicated to nurturing new blood in the dance arena and grooming new talents. We strongly believe in training through a progressive structure in a conducive environment.

The power that runs in DF Academy is our people dynamics. We believe in bonding ourselves as a family, constantly providing mutual support and encouragement to bring one another’s dance standards to the next level through the comradeship. We believe that Dance is for Everyone.

Besides regular classes, students with good potential from each age category and class type will be chosen as members of our DF Entertainment Crews. Through this Crew programme, selected students will undergo holistic training in all Hip Hop & K-pop dance styles. Furthermore, they will receive valuable opportunities to represent the school in various competitions and performances. It is also our vision to groom competent students to become future dance instructors through this programme.

DF Academy also offers our students extensive exposure including overseas dance exchange, local dance workshops by renowned overseas instructors, dance and choreography camps, music videos showcases and performing opportunities during our quarterly public dance showcases and annual respective Kids and Adults dance concerts in huge renowned theatres.